5 Top Ranked Newport Beach Attractions You Need To Visit

We are about to embark upon a little virtual journey together as I show you some of the top attractions in one of California’s greatest cities. Which city are we visiting? Let’s head on over to Newport Beach. Orange County is a very popular area of southern California, and there is great fun to be had, just like in Los Angeles. We don’t want to waste anymore time. Prepare to learn about five of the best attractions and things to do in Newport Beach CA.

The Balboa Island Ferry is one of Newport Beach’s top attractions. It is located at 410 South Bay Front, and while it is said to be a quick trip, it’s a fun one. Fun, quick things to do leaves plenty of time for similar attractions, and that means you end up doing more on vacation. Not to mention, people take this ferry ride so that they can get to the peninsula. All kinds of fun awaits you over there.

Since I told you about the Balboa Island Ferry, I will simply mention Balboa Island and not count it as one of the five attractions. We can group those two together as one, but make sure you do visit Balboa Island.

You might also want to visit Fashion Island, which is the 2nd attraction for this short list. It is located on Newport Center Drive, and the reviews say there is an outdoor mall and the fact that there are high end stores there. It would be a cool place to visit, continue to take in the scene and of course get some shopping done.

You also want to spend some time on the beach itself. You might think there is just Newport Beach itself, but that’s not the case. So for the 3rd spot on this list, I’m going to give you the names of some beaches to enjoy.

You definitely want to spend some time on Newport Beach. That is the obvious one, but there is also Corona Del Mar State Beach and Little Corona Beach. Yes, Newport Beach is the main drag, but you might want to check out the other areas, too.

Another attraction that is very popular is Inspiration Point. It is located on Ocean Boulevard, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. People say it is a great place to be at sunset. Maybe if you want to avoid a crowd for some quiet inspiration, check it out at sunrise. Otherwise, it sounds like a sunset adventure to me, and it is by Corona Del Mar, so that’s just another reason to check out all the beach areas.

We have one more attraction to check out in Newport Beach CA. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve is located on University Drive, and it features walking trails. Reviews mention bird watching, and it made me wonder if there is any other wildlife there, too. Either way, it is one of the top ranked attractions in the city of Newport Beach, California, as are the other four I brought to you today.