Experience Great Luxury Travel with Concierge Chauffeur Services

Chauffeur services are quite popular among people, but there are a large number of people who are not aware of concierge driver services. Concierge chauffeur services are the ultimate in luxury travel, apt for impressing prospective business partners, customers, and clients. Concierge chauffeurs do everything that the normal chauffeurs do, and there are many extra things that they do which are not in the job profile of the normal chauffeurs. They are a combination of companion, personal secretary, and driver for the duration of the hire period. The little extras that are offered by concierge chauffeurs are the things that make them different from the normal chauffeurs.


Once you have taken the services of a concierge chauffeur, you do not need to worry about your visit or your client’s visit. This is because concierge driver services arrange almost everything for their clients.

Travel Arrangements

The services of the concierge chauffeurs include making travel arrangements; making arrangements for accommodation; keeping tabs on different appointments and ensuring that the client attends every meeting in style and in perfect time.

Luxury Car

World class concierge chauffeur services offer different perks to their clients. They have a good network of restaurants and exclusive clubs that they refer their clients to.

They also have arrangements with entertainment and theatre venues as well as booking agencies.

Therefore, it can rightly be said that there is no other better way of enjoying a luxury travel vacation or the way out to impressing a prospective client than to consider taking the services of a concierge chauffeur.

Luxury Car Rental Is Perfect For Weddings

Your wedding day is a magical day that is full of love, laughter, and enjoyment. Careful thought goes into every part of the planning process. From your decorations to the menu, music, and entertainment for your reception, every detail matters. That includes your transportation.

Traditionally, most couples have chosen to either use their own personal vehicles or a limousine for getting to the church and to the location of the reception. If you really want to make a splash, however, why not look into luxury car rental? Imagine how amazing it would be to arrive in style, driving a high-end Mercedes or a luxurious BMW.

If you prefer something a little bit more sporty, you could always rent a Porsche, Jaguar, or Lamborghini. Although these vehicles aren’t necessarily practical, they are extremely eye-catching. Not only that but they are a lot of fun to drive.

Chances are, you won’t get too many opportunities in your lifetime to drive one of these high-end vehicles. A wedding provides the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty and luxury that they have to offer.

Best of all, renting a luxury car is a lot more affordable than you might think. Most companies that rent out these cars are flexible in terms of how long you keep the vehicle.

Depending on the company that you go with, you may even be able to rent them by the hour. That means that you can rent them for half a day to use for your wedding if you really want to keep costs as low as possible.

On the other end of the spectrum, you could rent one of these cars for the entire duration of your honeymoon if you want to make your trip as special and memorable as possible.

It is really up to you in terms of the type of experience that you want to have and the amount of money that you want to spend. Obviously, renting a car for a shorter period of time is less expensive than a long-term rental.

Chances are, you will have to search for a company in Los Angeles that specializes in luxury vehicles. Most regular rental agencies have some high-end vehicles available. However, they usually are a bit more conservative and are designed for business customers. If you want something more flashy, you will need to look for a rental company that offers exotic cars for rent.

Renting one of these cars is a relatively easy process. You typically have to meet certain age requirements, depending on the company’s policies. You also will most likely need to have a clean driving record. After all, these vehicles are extremely expensive. The companies want to know that they are being driven by experienced drivers who know how to handle vehicles safely on the road.

Luxury car rental is a fantastic option for a wedding. Renting one of these show-stopping vehicles is a great way to make a lasting impact when you arrive at the wedding venue or when you leave at the end of your reception.…

5 Top Ranked Newport Beach Attractions You Need To Visit

We are about to embark upon a little virtual journey together as I show you some of the top attractions in one of California’s greatest cities. Which city are we visiting? Let’s head on over to Newport Beach. Orange County is a very popular area of southern California, and there is great fun to be had, just like in Los Angeles. We don’t want to waste anymore time. Prepare to learn about five of the best attractions and things to do in Newport Beach CA.

The Balboa Island Ferry is one of Newport Beach’s top attractions. It is located at 410 South Bay Front, and while it is said to be a quick trip, it’s a fun one. Fun, quick things to do leaves plenty of time for similar attractions, and that means you end up doing more on vacation. Not to mention, people take this ferry ride so that they can get to the peninsula. All kinds of fun awaits you over there.

Since I told you about the Balboa Island Ferry, I will simply mention Balboa Island and not count it as one of the five attractions. We can group those two together as one, but make sure you do visit Balboa Island.

You might also want to visit Fashion Island, which is the 2nd attraction for this short list. It is located on Newport Center Drive, and the reviews say there is an outdoor mall and the fact that there are high end stores there. It would be a cool place to visit, continue to take in the scene and of course get some shopping done.

You also want to spend some time on the beach itself. You might think there is just Newport Beach itself, but that’s not the case. So for the 3rd spot on this list, I’m going to give you the names of some beaches to enjoy.

You definitely want to spend some time on Newport Beach. That is the obvious one, but there is also Corona Del Mar State Beach and Little Corona Beach. Yes, Newport Beach is the main drag, but you might want to check out the other areas, too.

Another attraction that is very popular is Inspiration Point. It is located on Ocean Boulevard, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find. People say it is a great place to be at sunset. Maybe if you want to avoid a crowd for some quiet inspiration, check it out at sunrise. Otherwise, it sounds like a sunset adventure to me, and it is by Corona Del Mar, so that’s just another reason to check out all the beach areas.

We have one more attraction to check out in Newport Beach CA. Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve is located on University Drive, and it features walking trails. Reviews mention bird watching, and it made me wonder if there is any other wildlife there, too. Either way, it is one of the top ranked attractions in the city of Newport Beach, California, as are the other four I brought to you today.…

Luxury Car Rental In Los Angeles – An Excellent Idea

If you have always wanted to know what it’s like to drive a modern, powerful sports car, then investing in luxury car rental in Los Angeles is definitely a top decision that you won’t regret. Furthermore, there is a broad range of different vehicles on the market these days which fall within the luxury car category, so it can take you quite some time to work through all of your different options.

Keeping this in mind, let’s highlight some of the different choices you could make when you are selecting a luxury driving experience with Apex Luxury Car Hire Los Angeles.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who wants to try something that’s truly sporting in appearance and will turn heads wherever you go, then you won’t want to rule out the McLaren 650 S, as it is one of the most impressive looking cars you are ever going to find in the modern era.

In addition to its front apron doors, it takes a lot of inspiration from cars such as the McLaren P1, and it also offers impressive performance with a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 3 seconds, along with an overall top speed that’s just over 200 mph on the track.

Another top vehicle that many people enjoy driving right now if they plan to rent a convertible in Los Angeles is the Rolls-Royce Dawn, and you can rest assured that this will give you a striking and assertive first impression wherever you go.

While this isn’t a car that’s designed for tearing up the track, it’s perfect for making an entrance to an important business meeting or perhaps a night out on the town, and its strong proportions and serious look give it a truly powerful appearance that will be a real treat to drive or be a passenger inside.

Just as you’d expect, the engineering from Rolls-Royce is second to none with this model, and many people agree that it is one of the most impressive vehicles they have made over recent years.

Furthermore, the performance is out of this world, giving you an engine that’s capable of around 570 hp, and even though it is a larger vehicle than a standard sports car, it can still give you an impressive 0 to 100 km/h time of just 4.9 seconds.

Another stylish model to consider is the Ferrari 488 spider, which comes with a retractable hardtop that allows you to soak up the rays when the sun is shining or shut the roof for serious, hard-core driving.

The car is supremely powerful, which is exactly what you would expect from one of the leading Ferrari models, and it comes with a breathtaking 670 hp engine that will easily bring you to the 200-mph mark while you are on the track, of course! This is not for the faint of heart who rather rent a Mini Cooper in Miami.

Overall, it’s clear to see that choosing to rent a luxury vehicle in Los Angeles is going to be a fun and exciting experience for anybody who decides to take the leap and get behind the wheel of one of these motoring beasts.…

What It Takes To Rent The Best Jaguar

Even though the Jaguar is a major fancy sports car, the fact of the matter is that, after some time, there are noticeable differences among the units that are rolled out in the same year. It’s all depends on how well a car is maintained and if it’s being given all the tender loving care it needs.

If you want to rent a Jaguar, the best way to go about it is by making sure the car you rent fits the criteria of being a well-maintained and loved car. Of course, you can’t tell by the website of a car rental company if a specific car has, indeed, been maintained. This is the reason why, no matter what you do, you need to do research on the reputation of the different car rentals. This is especially true if you are only visiting and don’t have a local’s knowledge on which establishments offer the best services.

Thank God, though, because it is easy enough to get any information on just about any local business on the Internet. The only thing you need to do is type in the company name, it’s location and the word “review” on the search bar of Google. If not the world’s largest search engine, then local business directory websites like Yelp.

Of course, this should come after you have searched for the different car rentals in the area you are visiting. If you are visiting Los Angeles, search for “Jaguar rental Los Angeles”.

Because the city is such a busy one, don’t be surprised to find that there are many car rentals from which you can choose a Jaguar to rent. In fact, you might have too many choices and you might just find yourself wondering how you should choose a car rental.

Well, taking off from the earlier part of this article, you should choose a car rental based on the condition of the cars in their fleet. Don’t be content with the pictures you will find on their website. Make sure to also check with other people about their driving experience.

Aside from this, check out the terms and conditions. Is the price you pay all-in, or is there an additional charge for insurance and other items? Is there a security deposit you need to pay, and if so, how much? What other items in the terms and conditions do you need to be aware of?

Just like anything else, do comparison shopping and compare the different car rentals based on the points we mentioned above. You will be surprised at how easy it is to get great deals just by going the extra mile in research.

Jaguars are expensive cars, however, with car rental services, anyone can have the experience of this premium car. Be prepared, though, because driving one for even just one day can be an expensive adventure that will cost you hundreds of dollars. If you want to save money, make sure to book months ahead.…

Tips On Travelling Within Your Budget

Are you fond of luxury travels but do not have the money required for enjoying such travels? There is no problem for you when you have some tips that can be followed in trying to enjoy a luxury travel while being within budget. The best thing that you can do to have a luxury travel on a shoestring budget is planning your trip carefully. Some of the most important tips that you need to follow in trying to travel in the most affordable manner are as follows:

Timing is Important

Always remember that timing is very important when planning a luxury trip. Travelling during peak seasons would have you spending more money on tickets than traveling during the off-season. School vacation trips are the worst times for planning trips. This is because airfares are high during this time.

Carry Out a Thorough Research

There is no harm is working with travel agencies and travel agents, but then it is important for you to ensure that you are working with the best company or professional. Go for travel agencies that are known to offer dependable services to their clients without making any compromises on quality and without charging exorbitant prices.

Is It A Good Idea To Rent Luxury Cars From Car Rental Companies?

Renting a car from a car rental company is normal. People get cars on rent either for traveling from one place to another or for meeting business requirements. However, getting a luxury car on rent is a far more enriching and memorable experience. This is because you get an expensive-looking and a feature-rich car for your travel trip. While not every individual has sufficient money needed for getting a luxury car on rent, going for a luxury car rental can give people the chance to enjoy something finer in life even if it is just for a very short span of time.

The Benefits of Choosing a Luxury Car Rental

If you are planning a business trip or you have a special event fast approaching where you will be taking a long drive with your spouse then try going for a luxury car rental. This would serve as the ultimate method of treating yourself and your spouse to a drive that will remain etched in memory for years to come. Getting a nice, top quality and the upgraded car is quite practical for a lot of people.  This is because luxury cars provide superior quality comfort, electric features, massaging seats and heated seats as well.

They also offer top quality neck and head support. Therefore, they are the best cars to choose for long trips where the travelers are prone to neck and back problems along with leg issues.

Romantic gateways can best be enjoyed when you had a luxury car to make your beloved feel special and cared for. Therefore, it can rightly be said that it is always a good idea to get a luxury car on rent from a good car rental company.